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A Level Psychology Conferences and Events for students in 2022/23

A Level Psychology Conferences and Events for students

We are super excited to be joined by experts in Psychology for a series of unique conferences that will introduce a world of A level psychology beyond the textbooks, encourage a deeper understanding and enjoyment of science and psychology, and raise student engagement and attainment. Our events have opportunities for questions and answers whether attending in person or online.

Dr Phil Zimbardo – 12th October 2022 (Online only)
Dr Phil Zimbardo will engage us with his views on the nature of evil, his personal encounters with evil, then revisit the Milgram obedience studies, and also explore his Stanford Prison Experiment.

Science and Psychology – 29th November 2022 (London and Online) and 30th November 2022 (Bristol)
A thought provoking opportunity to motivate and enthuse students; hear from numerous leading academics; and broaden students’ understanding of science and psychology and how the subjects can be applied to dance, magic, and hypnotism.

PSYCHApplied – 28th or 29th March 2023 (London and Online)
Explore the implications for how we think about our memories and take part in a live Q&A with world-renowned expert Professor Loftus.

AQA A level Revision Masterclass – 25th or 27th April 2023 (Online only)
Led by Cara Flanagan, one of the leading authors of psychology textbooks for A level students, this session will help prepare students for exams and improve exam performance.

To learn more about each event, click the event title above to visit the page with more information and ticket prices.

To book or reserve your place at one of our conferences, simply complete the ‘Reserve my place’ form on our website on each event page, or email our friendly team,

We look forward to inviting you to our events this year!