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Science and Psychology event: What is it all about and who is it for?

Science & Psychology

We are super exciting to be hosting this year’s Science and Psychology conference which will feature live hypnosis by Andrew Newton. This year’s Science and Psychology event will be hosted in Bristol and London as well as an live online conference which paying attendees can ask questions during the live event.

This is a unique A level Psychology event opportunity for Psychology students to learn about psychology and science.

What is Science and Psychology: The day is about science

This psychology event for students helps attendees gain a deeper understanding and enjoyment of science – at least 25% of your final A level grade is based on exam questions on research methods. Therefore understanding and loving science is critical for A level success.

The day is about psychology

Students learn about psychology beyond their textbooks, and realise the kinds of things researched at university, such as Dance Psychology. Our Science and Psychology conference is one of many upcoming psychology events for students.

The day is about improving exam performance

Feedback confirms that students return to the classroom much more ready to engage with exam work. They have acquired an interest in research as it takes place in the real world. 

The day is about enthusing students

Enthusiasm improves grades. The conference enables them to fully engage with the subject. Students go away buzzing and continue to talk about the conference weeks and months later.

Learn more about our speakers

To learn more about who will be speaking at our event along with the event programme, visit the science and psychology event page where you can read more. You can also read more about the speakers from this event and others on our ‘Speakers’ page.

To enquire or book

To attend one of our psychology conferences, tickets are available both in person and online. Simply visit the Science and Psychology event page and complete the ‘reserve your place’ form and we’ll get back to you with reservation and booking confirmation. Alternatively, you can email your reservation or enquiries to and one of our team will get back in touch. We are working with SouthWest Conferences to bring you this years Psychology events for students.

£25+VAT per student in person
£12.50 per student online
1 free teacher place for every 10 students

Feedback from teachers

I cannot recommend this trip enough! Brilliant balance of education and entertainment – a great way of introducing students to elements of psychology they won’t find in the textbooks. Mrs Sparrow, Sheldon School

This day is usually the turning point for my students. This is the moment when their minds are fully engaged with the scientific nature of the discipline and I genuinely feel that their interactions with me change. All in all, the conference is a high impact, extremely educational event but also huge fun.  I couldn’t stop smiling and my students are still talking about it. Sophie Afsar, Berkhampstead School

I think the day really inspires them to think beyond their course and textbooks and understand how broad Psychology is and how it can be applied. Research methods is often challenging for students and this day helps them understand the point behind the scientific method. Leigh Rust-Ashford, Torbay School

This event really helps to set the scene for budding young psychologists and helps them open their minds to the possibility that what are often presented as facts should always to be challenged. Claire Barker, Queens College

The day culminated in a dramatic, humorous and entertaining demonstration of hypnosis, prompting student questions about the nature of the hypnotic state and how it can be  investigated. David Howes, Hills Road

The conference is a fantastic and informative day trip. My students did not stop talking about it the whole train journey home. They were buzzing. Lizzie Elwell, Rosebery School