Phil Zimbardo

Dr Phil Zimbardo

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Date: 12th October 2022
Time: 4.30-6.30pm online webinar

Event Programme

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4.30pm Introduction
4.35pm Matt Langdon
5pm Dr Phil Zimbardo
5.30pm Live Q&A
5.50pm Dr Phil Zimbardo
6.10pm Live Q&A
6.30pm close*

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Meet Our Speakers

Dr Phil Zimbardo - Creating Evil & Inspiring Heroism

Dr Phil Zimbardo: My journey from creating evil to inspiring Heroism
Dr Philip Zimbardo is a Professor Emeritus at Stanford University. He has been described as ‘a legendary teacher, someone with gift of enthralling his audience and packing a powerful message.

Phil Zimbardo will engage us with his views on the nature of evil, his personal encounters with evil, then revisit the Milgram obedience studies, and also explore his Stanford Prison Experiment.

Then we will be treated to the pioneering work he conducted on Shyness and its treatment, as well as the psychology of Time Perspective.

Finally, he will extend Matt Langdon’s hero presentation with an introduction of women as heroes.

Matt Langdon: The Heroic Imagination Project
Matt Langdon is the President of the Heroic Imagination Project and founder of the Hero Round Table. He wrote The Hero Handbook, a guide for young heroes-in-training, published through the American Psychology Association. He lives in a tiny town in Australia and loves every opportunity to travel.

Matt will provide an introduction to the Heroic Imagination Project, its history, its philosophy, and its programmes.

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    Dr.Phil Zimbardo - Creating Evil & Inspiring Heroism
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