When do you need to know how many students will be attending?

We always recommend you reserve the amount of tickets you think you’ll need as our events can sell out. You will need to let us know your final student numbers 6 weeks before an in person event so that we can release any spare tickets if you have over estimated.

When do I need to make payment for my online tickets?

Payment needs to have cleared and funds acknowledged as received in order to process your online login ticket. Payment should be received within 2 weeks of the start of the event. This is to allow us time to add you/ your group to our system and ensure you have the correct login credentials ahead of the event.

If you are joining us last minute, we can of course add you to our online event once your funds have cleared however, to avoid disappointment, we recommend your funds are cleared 2 weeks before the event begins.

When do I need to make payment for my tickets?

6 weeks before the event date, we will need you to confirm how many students and teachers will be attending. We will then issue you an invoice with 30 days payment terms or, 2 weeks before the event start, whichever is closest to the event payment deadline. We need your funds to clear 2 weeks before the event date.

Can students buy individual tickets?

We prefer bookings are made through your school however, if you have missed a deadline and the school agree for you to be added to their booking separately, we can take an individual booking. For our online only events, we are able to process individual student tickets.

How do I access the online conferences?

We host our events with Zoom Webinars. It’s important you sign up and register a free account with Zoom. The email address which you register with is the email address you will receive your digital ticket, in the form of a Zoom Webinar joining email. As these are paid events, we limit one user per email address and you can only login using your registered email address.

We often add interactive elements to the webinar to help you engage with the in person audience. This includes polls, answering questions and the Q&A function to ask the speaker questions during the Q&A session at the end of each talk.

On the day of the event, the webinar will open at least 30 minutes before the event start time. It’s important you login as soon as possible on the day of the event so that we can help anyone who may be having login issues. If you are having issues logging into the webinar, email hello@educonferences.co.uk with your name, registered email address, school name and a brief outline of the problems you are experiencing.

Will I get individual logins for my student for the online conferences?

Yes. Every student and teacher registered to attend one of our online conferences will receive their own login details. It’s important we have the correct email address for each person attending as this is how you will access the event.

Can I show the online conferences in a classroom/hall?

As long as you have purchased a ticket for every student watching the event in your classroom/ hall, you can show the online conference on a big screen in one room. We often find delegates to our online conferences prefer their own login access as this gives access to answer polls and use the Q&A function to ask their own questions during the live event.

Is there a waiting list for in person events that have sold out?

Yes. If there is an in person you’d like to attend which has sold out, we have a waiting list which you can put your name and numbers down for. You can always attend the online version of our events if the event you wanted to attend in person has sold out.

For any other questions you may have that we haven’t covered, drop us an email at hello@educonferences.co.uk and a member of our team will get back in touch with you.